Cummins 36kW Standby Generator

Cummins 36kW Standby Generator

Cummins C36 N6

Brand: Cummins
Equipment Price: starting at $15842

The Cummins QuietConnect™ C36 N6 25KW Liquid-Cooled RS25 generator model, provided by Carolina Energy Systems, serves as a reliable and efficient standby power solution specifically designed for residential use. This particular Cummins generator model, highly esteemed by customers, ensures continuous backup power to essential household appliances and systems during unexpected power interruptions. Carolina Energy Systems is your trusted source for the Cummins RS25 generator, backed by our expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering dependable power solutions for homeowners.

Product Description

Sturdy Product Design and Thorough Testing: This generator is engineered to excel in demanding environmental conditions, including the ability to start reliably in frigid temperatures as low as -40ºF. It undergoes comprehensive testing and certification in accordance with the latest EPA, UL, and IBC Seismic standards. With the necessary accessories and proper installation, it is fully equipped to meet NFPA110 requirements.

Versatile Exercise Mode: The innovative and adaptable exercise mode empowers the generator to operate at a time, frequency, and duration tailored to the customer’s preferences, potentially as briefly as 2 minutes every 6 months. This flexibility minimizes unnecessary fuel consumption, emissions, and noise.

Cutting-Edge Enclosure Design: The generator’s enclosure not only boasts an attractive appearance but also incorporates specialized designs that make it the quietest generator of its kind. Constructed from aluminum and coated with durable powder paint, it delivers top-tier anti-corrosion performance. This enclosure has undergone rigorous evaluation to withstand wind loads of up to 180 mph, complying with ASCE 7-10 standards. Its intelligent design includes detachable panels and service doors for effortless access during servicing and maintenance.

Integrated Control System: The standard PowerCommand® electronic control system offers complete integration of the generator set, featuring automatic remote starting and stopping, precise regulation of frequency and voltage, clear display of alarms and status messages, output metering, automatic shutdown in case of faults, and adherence to NFPA 110 level 1 standards.

Efficient Self-Diagnostics and Maintenance: The PowerCommand® electronic control system sets the industry benchmark with its exceptional self-diagnostic capabilities. Additionally, key generator components are designed to facilitate swift and efficient servicing and preventive maintenance, minimizing downtime.

Generator Specifications

Natural gas/propane 1800 rpm engine
Engine air cleaner – normal duty
Electronic governor, isochronous
Engine starter, 12 VDC motor
Shutdown – low oil pressure
Extension – oil drain · Engine oil – included

Fuel system
Single fuel – natural gas or propane vapor, field selectable

60 Hz, 1 phase, 4 lead, or 3 phase, 12 lead,
120° C temperature rise at 40° C ambient
Exciter/voltage regulator – torque match

PowerCommand 1.1
Display language – English ·
Control mounting, right facing

Single circuit breaker, UL certified, right-side mounted
Battery charging alternator, normal duty
Battery charger – 6 Amp, regulated

Generator set cooling capability – 50° C
Shutdown – low coolant level
Engine coolant – 50/50 mixture
Extension – coolant drain

Aluminum enclosure Sound Level 1 with muffler installed, sandstone color
Wind rating – 180 mph

Code compliance
UL 2200
EPA emissions, emergency, stationary, 40CFR60
IBC Seismic
NFPA 110 capable

Generator set application
Coolant heater
Crank case vent heater
Large battery rack
Flexible fuel line · Literature (English) – operator’s manual, installation quick guide and manual, service manual

Shipping pallet, poly bag

Generator set performance
Governor regulation class: ISO 8528 Part 1 Class G3

Voltage regulation, no load to full load: ±1.0%

Random voltage variation: ±1.0%

Frequency regulation: Isochronous

Random frequency variation: ± 0.25% @ 60 Hz

Radio frequency emissions compliance: FCC code Title 47 part 15 Class B


Engine Specifications
Design: Naturally Aspirated
Bore: 86.5 mm (3.4 in)
Stroke: 100.0 mm (3.94 in)
Displacement: 2.4 liters (143.5 in3)
Cylinder block: Cast iron, in-line 4 cylinder
Battery capacity: 550 Amps at ambient temperature of 0° F to 32° F (-18° C to 0° C)
Battery charging alternator: 50 Amps
Starting voltage: 12-Volt, negative ground
Lube oil filter type(s): Spin -on with relief valve
Standard cooling system: 50° C (122° F) ambient cooling system
Rated speed: 1800 rpm

Fuel supply pressure
Minimum: kPa (in H2O): 1.5 (6.0)

Maximum: kPa (in H2O) 3.5 (14.0)


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