Cummins 13kW standby generator, modle RS13A

Cummins 13kW Standby Generator

Cummins RS13A

Brand: Cummins
Equipment Price: starting at $3975

The Cummins RS13A Generator, available through Carolina Energy Systems, is a highly capable standby power solution tailored for residential use. One of Cummins Generators’ most popular models, this generator ensures a reliable backup power source during blackouts, allowing homeowners to maintain essential appliances and systems without interruption. Carolina Energy Systems takes pride in offering the Cummins RS13A Generator, providing customers with a dependable solution supported by our expertise in backup power systems.

Product Description
  • Reliable Performance in Cold Weather: The generator is specifically designed to operate efficiently in cold weather conditions, even as low as 0°F (-18°C) right out of the box. For even colder climates, Cold Weather accessories can be added to enhance its capabilities. The unit has been rigorously tested and certified to meet the latest standards set by EPA, UL, and CSA. Additionally, it complies with NFPA 37 regulations, allowing it to be safely installed just 18 inches away from a building. With powerful motor starting ability, it can effortlessly handle the full pre-load of a 5-ton A/C unit.
  • Flexible Exercise Modes: Users have the convenience of setting exercise modes based on their preferred time, date, and frequency. The generator offers a patented ‘Crank only’ exercise mode, enabling it to crank the engine and perform diagnostics without starting the engine. This feature helps reduce wear and tear on the engine, lowers fuel costs, and contributes to the generator’s already quiet operation.
  • Intelligent Load Management: The generator is equipped with intelligent load management capabilities, allowing it to control up to 4 loads independently. It continuously monitors the power requirements of each load and efficiently manages the distribution of generator power. By restoring only the loads that the generator can handle, it ensures maximum utilization of available power.
  • Convenient Remote Monitoring: Every generator includes built-in remote monitoring functionality. Operators can easily monitor the generator’s status, change exercise modes, and manually control the generator remotely using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Generator and ATS Packaged Sets: The RS20AC package offers the convenience of a 20 kW generator and a 200A service entrance rated ATS housed together in one box. This packaging simplifies the ordering process, providing customers with all the essential components in a single, convenient package.
Generator Specifications

Natural gas/propane
Engine air cleaner
Engine oil (Synthetic)
Oil drain extension tube
Low oil pressure shutdown
Low oil level warning or monitoring

Fuel system

Single fuel – natural gas or propane vapor, field selectable
(Set to Natural gas from factory)


60 Hz, 1 phase, < 5% THD (total harmonic distortion)
Long life electrographic DC brushes
Slip ring heater


Display language – English
nder hood built in display


Single 100A circuit breaker, UL certified
(On all models)
Battery charging alternator
Battery charger – 4 Amps


Single direct drive blower


Aluminum exterior, galvanized steel interior

Code Compliance

UL 2200
CSA 22.2 and B149-2
EPA emissions
NFPA 37 – 18 inches


Base: 5 years / 2000 hours
Extended warranties available

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