Case Study

Kohler home generator opened up for maintenance
Project Details
Project: Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove
Location: Asheville, NC
Purpose: Provide backup power systems for a large commercial facility
Focus: Efficiency, Longevity, Quality Installation
Solution: Kohler Model 12345B

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Powering Faith: Carolina Energy Systems’ Generator Installation & Maintenance Partnership with The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove

Carolina Energy Systems (CES), a leading provider of power generation solutions in the Carolinas, has a proven track record in generator installation and maintenance services. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between CES and The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove (, a renowned Christian conference center located in Asheville, North Carolina. CES ensured a reliable backup power system for the center, safeguarding its ability to deliver uninterrupted spiritual and educational experiences.


The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove is a 1,200-acre facility that offers spiritual retreats, conferences, and seminars for people seeking spiritual growth and renewal. The center's serene setting, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to its visitors make it essential for the organization to maintain a reliable power supply.

Case Study Details

The Challenge

To protect its facilities, guests, and operations from unexpected power outages, The Cove required a dependable and efficient backup power solution. They sought a partner with expertise in generator installation and maintenance who could provide tailored solutions and ongoing support.

The Solution

Comprehensive Assessment and Consultation:

CES initiated the project by conducting a thorough evaluation of The Cove's power requirements and infrastructure. They assessed the facility's size, power consumption, and unique challenges to determine the most suitable generator capacity and placement.

Customized Installation

Based on the assessment, CES's team of certified technicians installed the backup generators with minimal disruption to The Cove's daily activities. They ensured the generators were strategically placed, keeping in mind the center's serene environment and minimizing noise pollution through the use of sound-attenuating enclosures.

Tailored Maintenance Plan

Understanding the importance of regular maintenance for optimal generator performance, CES developed a customized maintenance plan for The Cove. This plan included:

  1. Scheduled Preventative Maintenance: CES technicians carried out routine inspections, fluid changes, and filter replacements to keep the generators in top condition.
  2. 24/7 Emergency Response: CES provided round-the-clock emergency support, enabling prompt troubleshooting and resolution of unexpected issues, thereby minimizing downtime.
  3. Remote Monitoring: Advanced remote monitoring systems were implemented, allowing CES and The Cove's staff to track generator performance in real-time and proactively address potential concerns.
  4. Training and Support: CES offered training to The Cove's personnel, equipping them with the knowledge to handle minor issues and effectively coordinate with CES technicians when necessary.


The partnership between CES and The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove led to the successful implementation of a reliable and efficient backup power system, which has:

  1. Ensured Uninterrupted Power Supply: The installed generators have consistently provided a dependable source of backup power, allowing The Cove to maintain seamless operations and a comfortable environment for its guests, even during power outages.
  2. Safeguarded Facilities and Operations: The reliable power supply has helped protect The Cove's facilities, resources, and electronic equipment, ensuring the center's ability to deliver uninterrupted spiritual and educational experiences.
  3. Enhanced Guest Experience: With a reliable backup power system in place, The Cove has been able to offer an exceptional experience to its visitors, without any interruptions due to power fluctuations or outages.
  4. Reduced Downtime and Operational Costs: CES's proactive maintenance approach and emergency support have minimized downtime and associated costs, ensuring The Cove's operations continue smoothly and without costly disruptions.
  5. Strengthened Reputation and Trust: The successful collaboration with CES has solidified The Cove's reputation for providing outstanding spiritual retreats and conferences, showcasing their commitment to excellence and reliability.

The collaboration between Carolina Energy Systems and The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove exemplifies a successful partnership that resulted in the seamless installation and maintenance of a backup power system. Through expert consultation, customized solutions, and dedicated support, CES has ensured The Cove can consistently deliver high-quality spiritual and educational experiences to its guests. This partnership demonstrates the value of combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of an organization's unique needs to achieve outstanding results.

Kind words from our satisfied customers

Terrific expertise and customer service. Efficient and personable. Bailed me out of a jam with a large generator when another company whiffed. Clearly my first choice.

Tray Davis

Arden, NC

I recently had a Kohler 38RCLB standby generator installed to support my entire home. Carolina Energy... was completely upfront, direct, and honest. The six people I dealt with all knew their business cold and adhered to both the letter and the spirit of the building code. There were no teases or false promises... I am completely confident in and satisfied with the installation.

James Hirst

Cedar Mountain, NC

I recently purchased a 20 kW Cummins generator and transfer switch from Carolina Energy Systems including installation. Everyone I dealt with during the whole process was very professional and personable... I required a new pad and extensive gas work and all was done very well. I would definitely recommend this company for purchasing a new generator.

Billy Skelton

Flat Rock, NC

We're using Carolina Energy Systems to provide routine maintenance on our Generac backup generator. The service tech (Steven) provided me with a comprehensive overview of the product and the services he would be performing. He answered all my questions and was very professional.

Steven Keate

Brevard, NC

Thank you for helping me so quickly. All my freezer food would have spoiled if you didn’t arrive quickly. Pleasure to do business with you.

Sherry Owen

I definitely give this company 5 stars... Installation was smooth and the gentlemen were extremely professional. If you want or need a generator installed at your residence, this is the company you want.

Janis Lance

Brevard, NC

We appreciate Aaron's assistance with our generator recently during a utility power outage. The customer service and reliability of Carolina Energy Systems is outstanding. We will continue to recommend Dale and Aaron to anyone looking for a generator. We rely on their expertise! Thank you!

Ken Burton

Pisgah Forest, NC

The team at Carolina Energy Systems was exceptional throughout the entire process from sales consultation through installation and training. The team communicated with us as well as other members of the team flawlessly... They did not disappoint. Their follow-through was exceptional. Every team member was punctual, professional, and knowledgeable. We are very pleased with our Kohler generator.

Rosendo Terradas

Hendersonville, NC

Very nice folks to work with. They handled everything that had to be done for our generator installation. We wanted a turn-key install so as not to deal with electricians, gas guys, Etc. and that's just what we got.
Arron, Willy, and Nick could not have been nicer through the entire process. Anyone looking for a generator should not look anywhere else.

Gwen Kreager

Candler, NC

Aaron and Dale were great to work with. Everyone we dealt with during the purchase and installation of our Kohler generator was pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend Carolina Energy Systems.

Marta Loftfield

Brevard, NC

Shout out for the folks at Penrose, NC Carolina Energy Systems! This company was easy to work with, called me back promptly when I had questions, priced fairly, and billed exactly what was quoted.
If you are reading this review take my word, this is an honest, fair company that knows generators and does what they say they will do.

Mike & Monette Hopton

Penrose, NC

They are a great family company- Aaron has always been nice to me.

Danny Brissey

Rosman, NC

They are amazing and treat their customers like family.

Natasha Levi Perkins

We have used Carolina Energy Systems to support our Kohler Generator for several years. We have always gotten great service from the staff technicians and appropriate response when we have had emergency-related calls. We use OnCue to monitor the system and CES also gets notified of events directly too. Thank you, folks!

Jean Gamble

Lake Lure, NC

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