Kohler 60kW standby generator

Kohler 60kW Standby Generator

Kohler 60RCLB

Brand: Kohler
Equipment Price: starting at $22635

The Kohler 60CLB Generator, available through Carolina Energy Systems, is a top-tier choice for standby power generation, tailored to meet the demands of substantial residential estates and small businesses. As one of Kohler Generators’ most highly-regarded models, this generator effortlessly ensures a continuous power supply to essential appliances and systems during unexpected outages, providing uninterrupted comfort and peace of mind. Carolina Energy Systems is delighted to introduce the Kohler 60CLB Generator, delivering a dependable solution backed by our extensive expertise and exceptional service.


Product Description

Reliable power for substantial residential or small business demands. When a severe storm or power failure disrupts your electricity, count on the 60 kW KOHLER® generator with its industrial-grade engine to maintain your home or business operations—from central air and sump pumps to personal computers.*

  • Powerful. Within just 10 seconds, your KOHLER generator swiftly restores power, ensuring you stay connected to your essential activities.
  • Smart. You benefit from a steady supply of high-quality power that safeguards your electronics against damage associated with low-quality power sources.
  • Premium warranty. Rest easy with our comprehensive 5-year, 2,000-hour protection and a durable aluminum enclosure built to last.
  • Quiet. Designed to be neighborhood-friendly, the generator’s weekly exercise is as unobtrusive as a normal conversation.
  • Innovative. This generator incorporates pioneering innovations, including a patent-pending three-fan, automotive-style cooling system that minimizes noise.


  • Operates efficiently on either natural gas or liquid propane (LPG); the 60RCLB delivers 242 amps on natural gas and 250 amps on LPG.
  • Extraordinary peak motor-starting capacity, with the 60RCL at 144kVA at 240V.
  • Premium power quality ensures outstanding digital voltage and frequency regulation, along with remarkably low levels of harmonic distortion to protect your sophisticated electronics and appliances.
  • Powered by the industrial-grade Kohler KG6208 engine with hydraulic valve lifters, eliminating the need for extended break-in periods and costly valve adjustments; operating at 1800 rpm.
  • Compatible with OnCue® Plus and optional OnCue® Plus Wireless Generator Management Systems, as well as the Programmable Interface Module (PIM).


  • The RDC2 controller, designed to manage both the generator set and Model RXT transfer switch functions, is equipped to handle today’s sophisticated electronics.
  • Exceptionally quiet operation, with a sound level at 61 dBA at full speed and 61 dBA during exercise (equivalent to a normal conversation).
  • The corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure comes standard.
  • Operates on either natural gas or liquid propane (LPG) with seamless switching between fuels in the field.
  • Simplified installation, including a straightforward terminal block for easy field connections.
  • These new RCL generators are listed and labeled to meet NFPA 37 requirements for installations as close as 18 inches. Ensure compliance with proper installation guidelines regarding clearance to windows, doors, air intakes, as per the installation manual and local codes.

*Based on generator and load size.

Generator Specifications

Model: 60RCLB
Rated kW LP: 60 kW
Rated kW NG: 58 kW
Amps LP: 250 amps
Amps NG: 242 amps
Peak Motor Starting kVA @240 V: 144 kVa
Alternator Note: All information shown is for 1 Phase 60 Hz generator with the largest alternator option available.
Displacement: 6.2 L (378 cu. In.)
Horsepower: 103 HP
Enclosure Material: Aluminum
Sound Output During Weekly Exercise: 57 dB(A)
Sound Output During Full-speed Operation: 61 dB(A)
Response Time: 10 seconds
Warranty: Premium five-year limited warranty
Country of Origin: US
Certifications/Listings: UL 2200,EPA,CSA
Automatic Transfer Switch Included: Sold Separately
Remote Monitoring Available: Included
Off Grid / Utility Backup: Utility Backup
Weight: 1894 lbs. (859 kg)
Alternator Type: 4-Pole, Rotating Field
Controller: RDC2 Controller
Cylinder Arrangement: V-8
Dimensions: 2280 mm x 836 mm x 1182 mm (89.8 in. x 32.9 in. x 46.5 in.)
Engine Manufacturer/Description: KOHLER
Engine Model: KG6208, 6.2L, Natural Aspiration
Engine/Alternator RPM: 1800
Fuel Type: LPG, Natural Gas
Frequency: 0=60 Hz, 1=50 Hz
Phase: Single Phase or Three Phase
Voltage @ 60 Hz: 120/240
Digital Voltage Regulation: ±1.0%
Built-in Mounting Pad: No
NFPA 37 Reduced Setback: Yes

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